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Popular Zim phrases of 2019

There are words and phrases that gain momentum because of their relevance and application in day to day activities. Zimbabweans are renowned for coming up with hillariuos phrases depicting life in the poverty stricken nation. Here are some of the most used phrases of 2019.

1 Mind your hokoso, mind your turusi

This phrase was introduced by zimdancehall artist Soul Jah love in his song ‘Mind your turusi’. It simply means mind your own business. The singer reiterates in the song that people who are in the habit of probing into other people’s lives must mind their own business. The phrase has become a common street lingo.

2 Chawora chinhu ichi

Literally translated to mean ‘this thing is now rotten’, the phrase has often been uttered in reference to the country’s economic state. After experiencing a wave of price increases in food,fuel,fees and almost everything, people have resorted to calling the government and the country a rotten thing. Bustop t.v recently did a comic skit titled Chawora chinhu ichi in which Gonyeti and Maggi lament the issues bedevilling the country such as power cuts and the increase in data charges.

3 50 Magate

Following the release of a song by Enzo ishall with the same title, 50 magate has become a common phrase. It is used to refer to almost anything needing intervention. It could be a drinking problem which needs to be dealt with and would now be said to be needing 50 magate to get rid of it.

4 I’m from Zimbabwe usadheerere

Tamy Moyo released a new video in which she sings proudly about her roots. She then points out that she is from Zimbabwe usadheerere prompting her followers to incorporate the phrase in their every day conversations.

5 Winter is coming

This might be taken to refer to the winter season that has just started but the phrase has been used to refer to almost any other impending activity. It was taken from the popular U.S series Game of Thrones in which the winter was said to come with it’s misfortunes and death. People have now started using the phrase to forewarn of any events that are yet to come

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