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Power cuts posing a danger to society.

In a recent statement ZETDC announced that they will be frequent loadshedding in the coming months. They attributed the problem to a dip in water levels at Kariba dam.

Indeed most households will have to brace themselves for massive power cuts this winter. However that might not be the only problem they will have to deal with. This publication is reliably informed that incidents of robbery, theft and rape are on the increase due to darkness engulfing areas from around 6pm.

There have been reports of people being attacked in pathways and even main roads as soon as it gets dark. With the absence of electricity and lighting the criminal activities have this increased.

Areas such as Budiriro and Mbare that have always been hotspots for criminaks have now become even more dangerous. There have also been reports of mugging in the leafy surbubs of Mandara and Grange with people losing their valuables to thieves who prey on their unsuspecting victims in the dark.

It is unknown whether the Zimbabwe Republic police will assign officers to these areas. There have been however some effort being done in Mandara where roadblocks are placed at times in roads leading to Harare drive.the power sure are set to continue for some time and citizens should be alert at all times. It is also advisable to travel during the day to avoid the risk of getting robbed.

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