Protective winter hairstyles.

The winter season has been one that is dreaded by the ladies as the cold weather affects hair growth. It has been cited as the major factor behind hair breakage especially for natural afro kinky hair.

Most women opt to put on protective hairstyles in winter such as braids, corn rows and sewn in weaves. Basically these are styles that keep the hair tucked away from harsh elements such as the cold weather. Protective hairstyles also ensure that the ends of your hair are kept healthy in order to decrease tangling, shedding and breakage.

Most black women are ardent fans of braids. These can either be thin or thick,long or short and can be styled in different ways. Since they completely cover the base and tips of the hair, they are a good choice for this winter season.

Another hit with the ladies are cornrows. These are simple yet classy and trendy. They also neatly tuck away the ends of ones hair thereby protecting hair from split ends and shrinkage in the cold weather.

Black women also love to put in weaves although the phenomenon is slowly losing popularity. Weaves are good in that the hair is completely covered and not exposed. This is good for hair growth and is key in maintaining healthy hair.

Wigs have also become a growing trend with most people having cornrows beneath and then putting on wigs on top. They are good in terms of versatility and are a good way to ensure that hair is protected this winter season

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