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Recklessness on the roads :A sad reality.

In spite of horrific accidents occuring on a daily basis, some motorists continue to drive around recklessly posing danger to hundreds of people. It is actually a sad reality that most motorists no longer adhere to road traffic regulations thereby risking life and limb.

According to the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, most road accidents that occur are attributed to human error. Failure to follow basic traffic rules such as giveing way to oncoming traffic or overturning at blind spots have unfortunately become the norm.

Roads have now become death traps with the death toll rising each year on the roads. Although some people have said that road traffic accidents are caused by the pathetic state of toads in the country, the crux of the matter is simply that people have become careless on the roads. The issue is made worse by kombi drivers who constantly flout road rules by overtaking without indicating and overspeeding in a bid to get passengers.

It is imperative that people adhere to road regulations otherwise more lives will be lost. It has often been emphasized that it is better to be late than never. This should be a guiding factor for all motorists before they consider to overspeed.

Another problem that is contributing to the road carnage is the continued use of cellphones by some motorists whilst driving. A simple moment of loss of concentration can have the most dire of consequences. It is quite disturbing that thousands of people have perished on the roads due to others taking their eyes off the roads in order to attend to their phones

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