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Seh Calaz to start own show

Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz has made known his intentions to start his own online show called ‘seatbelt moments with Seh Calaz’. He said he is simply heeding to calls by his fans to do so.

Seh Calaz said that after posting a series of videos in his car,he then woke up to the realization that he could do something like that on a regular basis. He said the moment he sits in his car and puts on his seatbelt, he reflects upon day to day issues affecting the lives of people hence the posting of videos in his car.

Seh Calaz also advised people to do right by everyone while they are still alive. He said putting on a seatbelt in his car signifies his fears of dying. He exhorted people not procrastinate in life. He said those who plans to develop should do so and those who had sour relations with their relatives should fix them before they succumb to death.

Seh Calaz said people should brace themselves for a good show that focuses on real life issues. Seh Calaz is known for his bluntness and straightforwardness. He has even penned down songs such as ‘handikendenge’ which speak to the singer’s lack of care for what people think of him.

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