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Shinso’s controvesial music video

Zimdancehall chanter Shinsoman is currently the talk of town after releasing a controvesial music video. It is titled ‘Celebrity’. The video features several ladies dressed as nuns with Shinsoman dressed as a Roman Catholic priest. This has enraged some religious groups especially Catholics who have seen it as an insult to their religion.

Shinsoman had earlier on posted a picture of himself surrounded by the ladies and people had taken it as an Easter holiday prank. When the video was eventually released there was a huge outcry with some calling for a ban on the new production.

The video was shot on a nice mansion and the ladies can be seen serving out some raunchy moves. The dancehall father then sings about being ladies throwing themselves at him after having listened to his songs on radio hence the title ‘celebrity’.It was produced by Naxo films.

Although a lot of criticism has been made over the the use of the Catholic theme in the video some people are in fact applauding the artist for his creativity. Some fans have alluded to the fact that the apostolic sect has been mocked for years in music videos such as 50 magate without any negative comments being made. They said it is hypocritical to lash out at Shinsoman for merely using a different religious group.

Shinsoman is known in music circles as the dancehall father or ‘baba Devante’. He rose to fame with songs such as ‘Magetto youths’ and ‘chibhodhoro’. He has collaborated with artists such as Stunner and Soul Jah love.

Shinsoman enjoys a large number of followers who drool over his husky and yet powerful voice.

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