Sir Wicknell reveals fantasy.

Zimbabwean controversial businessman Sir Wicknell recently revealed his fantasy of one day becoming a billionaire in a post on instragram. Chivhayo who is not shy of the spotlight recently posted a pic of himself standing beside 1 million us dollars. Sir Wicknell however appears not satisfied expressing his desire of one day becoming a billionaire.

Chivhayo is a renowned Zimbabwean businessman who is known for his business acumen and concections in areas across the globe. The general public thought Chivhayo’s days of success were numbered after being taken to court by ZETDC over the Gwanda solar project but the young entrepeneur appears unfazed and is not hiding his desire of becoming a billionaire.

In his facebook post Chivhayo says he wants to correct the anomaly of his parents not having been as rich. Chivhayo thus eants to correct that past by becoming one of the wealthiest business people to come out of Zimbabwe. Sir Wicknell is a controversial character that rose to fame when he became the Zimbabwe national soccer team benefactor, bankrolling the warriors for months.

Chivhayo however made the headlines when he was taken to court over the misuse of funds for the Gwanda solar project. Chivhayo however sued for defamation and won the case at the High Court of Zimbabwe. Since then Chivhayo appears focused on building a business empire with his latest instagram post revealing his fantasy of one day becoming a billionaire.

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