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Top 10 greatest songs of all time

Zimbabweans love singing and dancing along to good music. It is common cause that what appeals to one’s ears might not be so for the other, but here is a list of songs that have managed to grab the attention of most people. These songs have had such a huge impact and have withstood the passage of time.

1 Murambinda by Paul Mpofu and Zambuko – The song was an instant hit decades ago but continues to be on top of the list in terms of entertainment in Zimbabwe. It is commonly played at weddings and at times used in wedding bridal dances.

2 Neria by Oliver Mutukudzi – The song was a rendition to the movie Neria in which the late singer also played a lead role. Due to its deep and meaningful message of the plight of widows upon the death of their loved ones, the song gained international recognition. It continues to be a hit and several remixes have been done.

3 Shedia by Alick Macheso – The song is based on relations between a mother in law and her daughter in law. It is widely played at parties, weddings and events. Alick Macheso has had to perform this song at most of his shows due to requests by his fans.

4. Chiname by Jah Prayzah – The song was a hit from the day of it’s release. It was made even more famous by its exciting video. The song promises to be on the hit list even in decades to come.

5 Umoya wami by Lovemore Majaivana –
The soulful and warm song is still one of the best masterpieces to be produced in Zimbabwe. People still sing along and dance to this great work of art.

6 Dzandipedza mafuta by Simon Chimbetu – This song was a chart topper and had a distinctive beat. It is no wonder that it remains one of the most played songs on radio and television.

7 Mumoyo by Michael Mahendere –
Gospel lovers will forever cherish the melodious voice of Michael Mahendere in one of his most played songs ever. The song was almost everyone’s ringing tone at one point in time and continues to be a hit.

8 Musarove bigman by Winky D – One of the pioneers of zimdancehall, Winky D released this song at the start of his career. It became a household anthem and still enjoys a wide audience.

9 Rudo runokosha by John Chibadura – The song appealed to many people because of its message about the importance of love. Although it was released over two decades ago, it is still a local favourite.

10 Nzira dzemasoja by guerilla war soldiers – During the liberation struggle numerous songs were composed to conscientise the masses about the war. The most popular song was Nzira dzemasoja which spoke to war ethics that the soldiers were supposed to adhere to. Years after the war ended, the song is still played on television and people simply love it.

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