Top 10 herbs for good health.

Herbs are part of nature’s own medicine. They help in maintaining good health. The herb revolution has taken Zimbabwe by storm with most people incorporating them in their meals and as teas.

1 Basil

Basil is full of anti bacterial properties and can also fight depression. It can be taken as tea or it can be added to meats and stews. It pairs well with tomato.

2 Parsley

Known for its mild flavour, parsley protects blood vessels and reduces the risk of one getting cancer. It can be added to almost any meal and is salads.

3 Oregano

It fights bacteria. It also has antioxidants and helps decrease inflammation.

4 Thyme

It is the ideal herb this cold winter season as it suppresses coughs and flues. It also helps in maintaining bone health and aids wound healing.

5 Lemon grass

Commonly used in Asian dishes, lemon grass lowers blood cholesterol and boosts red blood cells. It also prevents infection.

6 Rosemary

The strong and pungent smelling herb improbee digestion and enhances memory and concentration.

7 Fennel

Fennel maintains bone structure and helps in regulating blood pressure.

8 Mint

Mint soothes the stomach. It also improves mental awareness and reduces stress levels. It also helps in mainaining fresh breath.

9 Dill

Dill has anti cancer properties and also helps freshen breath.

10 Sage

This herb is loaded with anti oxidants. It helps ears the symptoms of menopause and reduces blood sugar levels.

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