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Top 10 Zim celebrities who rock dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks are commonly associated with the Rastafarian community. However most people in Zimbabwe have embraced dreadlocks as part of their beauty regimen and here is a list of ten popular personalities who spot dreadlocks.

1 Jah Prayzah

The musician wears his signature look of dreadlocks but manages to keep them clean and stylish. Jah Prayza’s locs are an indication of good maintenance and styling.

2 Chengeto Brown

Chengeto must have followed in her father’s footsteps by going for a dreadlocked look. Not only does she neatly style them but the locs also compliment her face well.

3 Winky D

The king of zimdancehall has long, beautiful and dark locks that have left many people green with envy in the past. Fro years, the singer his his locs under wraps and hats but of late he has been exposing them to the public. He has often reffered to his locs as ‘mukwende’ in some of his songs.

4 Diana Samukange

Popularly known. Mangwenya, the singer changed from wearing weaves to a more natural look and put on locs. She looks very good in her locks and prefers letting them loose and dangling to her sides.

5 Hope Masike

The mbira musician clearly has a good stylist because her locks are always well styled and maintained. It can be noted that her dreadlocked look goes hand in hand with the music genre that she is in.

6 Alois Bunjira

The former football player has medium length dreadlocks that are always shiny and a sight for sore eyes.

7 Amy Tsanga

The high court judge also has thin, neatly done dreadlocks that bring out her beautiful facial features. She usually leaves then untied and the dark coloured locks always maje her stand out among the rest.

8 Andy Muridzo

The singer gives a young, vibrant and trendy feel to his locks. He has since shaved his sides and the locs are only in the middle of his head. This style has been copied by many people.

9 Thomas Mapfumo

The legendary chimurenga singer has dreadlocks that he has been keeping for decades. Indeed his locs are one of the things that are most talked about in conversations about the singer.

10 Enzo ishall

The singer has short locs. He usually just leaves them in a funky and rugged look.

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