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Top 5 crazy names of zimdancehall artists in Zimbabwe.

Zimdancehall is a music genre that is widely enoyed in Zimbabwe. It is a fusion of dancehall music with a unique local beat. Artists in the zimdancehall music industry have often been labelled as odd due to their weird,crazy and yet appealing names.

1 Chairman

One might take the name to referto the chairman of a board of directors or a similar position but it is actually the stage name for one zimdancehall artists called Killer T. He usually chants this name in his songs and is called by same at his shows. The assumption is that he might be alluding to the fact that he is the chairman of zimdancehall music. Killer T is also known for his crazy lyrical chants such as Popopo which earned him the reputation of being one of the best artists to come out of Mbare.

2 Mubahanditi

This name was popularized by Seh Calaz who called himself mubhanditi and reffered to his fans as mabhanditi. It is a name given to hard labourers usually those seving jail sentences. The singer’s obsession with labourers is questionable.

3 Chibaba

The singer, whose real name is Saul Musaka has been dubbed as Chibaba meaning ‘the father’. He has often described himself as ‘chibaba chenyuchi’ and at times ‘conquering lion’. He has however earned himself the position of being zimdancehall’s own godfather.

4 Lady Squanda

The singer is a force to reckon in the industry which is mainly male dominated. Her name has been known to reflect her energetic and bubbly character to which she stands above the test of all female dancehall artists. She often sings that she is the squanderliser in her songs.

5 Gafa

Undoubtedly one of the best artists in Zimbabwe Winky D has been reffered to as the Gafa. This is an indication of his standing within zimdancehall circles. He was once known as Bigman, another clear indication of his superiority over other artists.

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