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Top 5 crowd pullers of all time.

There are some musicians whom fans seem not to get enough of. These artists always attract scores of people on their shows and at public events.

1 Winky D

Winky D’s shows are always well attended with people coming in large numbers to witness perfomances by the king of zimdancehall. His thrilling stage antics always impressed his followers. Winky D is renowned for overshadowing other musicians at shows to the point that after leaving the stage for another artist to perform the crowd will still be asking for him.

He showed off his live singing prowess at the Castle Tankard in 2018 where most people confessed that they had merely come to the event to witness Winky D’s performance rather than the other proceedings of the day. He also left fans asking for more when he perfomed at a show hosted for Beenieman a few years ago.

2 Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah is one of the best live performers in Zimbabwe. His shows are always fully packed and he never ceases to amaze. He also dishes out breathtaking and adrenaline filled dances which could be the main reason for huge turn outs at his shows. Jah Prayzah once dared to host a ‘#Fill up HICC’ which attracted a huge turnout in 2016.

3 Enzo Ishall

The youthful zimdancehall artist has of the most trending songs at the moment. His last show which was in celebration of his birthday drew a large crowd that even he was not anticipating.

4 Alick Macheso

The singer commonly known as Baba Sharo, is a household name. His shows attract large numbers of people including high profile personnel. Alick Macheso is known for his electrifying Sungura dances.

5 Oliver Mutukudzi

The legendary musical icon, who passed away early this year was the best showman in Zimbabwe. A Tuku show was one to die for and his fans never missed his shows. Massive turnouts were always a feature at his shows

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