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Vimbai Zimuto releases new video

Vimbai Zimuto seems to be hogging the limelight of late. After posting a series of nude pictures, the singer has been the talk of town. However in a latest development Vinbai seems to have captured the attention of the nation for all the right reasons.

She has released a new video titled Ndaneta. The video has great scenes and colourful visuals. It has certainly managed to divert attention from the furore caused by her nude pictures. The lyrics to the song speak to the frustration of a jilted lover after realizing that her boyfriend is not ready for a life long commitment.

The song has a sad undertone and clearly highlights the plight of some women in relationships when their patners are not prepared to take their love to the next level. In the song Vimbai also raises specualtion that the patner’s heart might be falling for someone else.

Vimbai is an Afrocentric singer and has released songs such as ‘hapana kwaunoenda’, ‘khona manje’ and ‘vasikana vese’. Vimbai is also an acclaimed dancer. She stirred controvesy earlier this month when she posted nuse pictures of herself. She said she was merely following in the footsteps of her ancestors who walked around in their birthday suits.

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