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Zimbabwe’s multi talented artists.

There are some people who are naturally gifted with several talents. Certain musicians in Zimbabwe have shown their acting prowess. Some of them have done award winning perfomances in local dramas and television series. Here are some of the nation’s musicians who can double as actors.

1 Ammara Brown

They say dynamite comes in small packages. The petite singer not only blows away crowds with her stunning dances and beautiful voice but can also act like a pro. She made her acting debut in the local drama series ‘Muzita rababa’ where she potrayed the role of an unhappy pastor’s wife. Her scenes were always packed full of life and she proved to be a great actress.

2 Kapfupi

Kapfupi was known for his acting skills way before he ventured into music. He rose to fame in the popular drama ‘Street theatre’. Kapfupi vividly brought to life his role in the drama as an abused husband and with a twist of humour left viewers laughing out their lungs. Even his videos like the popurlar Mai Nga, all point towards his great acting abilities.

3 Oliver Mutukudzi

The late musician was also equally gifted as an actor. He starred in the local movie ‘Neria’ and showed just how naturally talented he was as an actor.

4 Andy Muridzo

People drool over Andy Muridzo’s voice and his songs have received a lot of airplay. He shocked many people by appearing alongside Madam boss in her latest skits. He has also shown that beneath the musician is a great actor.

5 Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah has not yet had an acting role in any drama or movie but has proved to be a gifted actor in his music videos. They all speak to the singer’s hidden ability to act. Videos such as ‘Eriza’, ‘Dzamutsana’ and ‘Gotchi gotchi’ appear to be scenes from a movie.

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