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Top 5 young innovators of 2019

Several young personalities are breaking new ground and making great strides in establishing themselves intheir respective trades.Indeed, some young minds have taken advantage of technological advancements to spearhead their enterprenuerial dreams. Here is a list of the trailblazers of 2019.

1 Tawanda Cuthbert Dhiri.

Tawanda is a farmer. Although he has been lurking in the shadows, Tawanda is one of the country’s pioneers of agricultural programmes. He is actively involved in horticulture activities and has often exhorted young people to invest in agriculture. He believes that zero hunger can be achieved in Zimbabwe. Tawanda also advises schools to send young children to agricultural shows so that they appreciate the farm to table movement. Tawanda has also encouraged farmers to take advantage of the vast technology options available for farmers. Tawanda is one of the rare minds pushing for sustainable growth in the country.

2 Tamy Moyo

The songbird is currently trending with her creative videos and afro pop music. An innovator is one who introduces new methods, ideas or products. Tamy has managed to create her own unique musical brand. Her music has captivated audiences around the world and she is set to spread her wings further.

3 Thembi Mawema

She is the senior editor of a popurlar entertainment blog called The shade room. Thembi is a young Zimbabwean based in California. She has managed to carve her own success story by hosting notable red carpet events such as the VMA’s and BET awards. Thembi has a fresh, young mindset and creatively enhances her blog by posting constructive entertaining articles.

4 Lorraine Guyo.

The youthful comedian and brand ambassador rose to fame after posting a comic skit just before Valentine’s day asking for men to ask her out. Although she received a lot of backlash for the video and even lost her job in the process, Lorraine was able to score gigs with several high profile companies such as Mambos and Jam Jam. She is now a full time entertainer and a brand ambassador for numerous brands. Lorraine’s story is one of hope and inspiration after having been criticized. She is now working with big names such as Madam boss. She has rubbed shoulders with people such as Nelson Chamisa and Acie Lumumba.

5 Tino Chinyani

The Zimbabwean model is based in South Africa. He became famous by co hosting the breakfast show called The Morning show. Tino has had several successful projects in South Africa with the latest being his deal with telecomunications giant Mobicel.

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