All set for Berita’s Bulawayo show.

Zimbabwean born musician Berita, who is based in South Africa is set to perform for free as per her promise in Bulawayo. The singer announced recently that she was willing to stage a free show in Bulawayo, her hometown as part of an initiative to support people in this harsh economic climate.

Berita had asked for venue suggestions from her followers before finally deciding to do the show at the Bulawayo national arts gallery as suggested by most people. The authorities at the gallery said they would be more than happy to host the event.

Berita, who is currently in the country,confirmed that she had visited the gallery to finalize details of the event. She however stated that she might have to change the date of the show as she had some important business to attend to in South Africa.

Berita’s decision to perform for free has been hailed as an act of good will by most of her fans. They said it shows humility whilst others exclaimed that as a famous person who has made it big in the music industry, Betita might have charged exhorbitant fees for her show but instead opted to do it for free.

Berita is a renowned singer who has collaborated with icons such as Hugh Masekela and Oliver Mutukudzi. She has won numerous awards including the Zimbabwe young achievers awards.

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