All set for Samutoko Youth Festival.

All roads lead to Mutoko between the 14th and the 15th of June. A youth festival dubbed the Samutoko youth festival will be underway in the Mutoko area. The event was organised by Emmanuel Manyati.

Several musicians are set to take part in the event with the headlining act coming from Baba Harare. People are eagerly anticipating a thrilling performance from one of Zimbabwe’s favorite musicians. Speaking of the event Baba Harare advised fans to brace themselves for new choreography. He promised fireworks.

Event organiser Manyati said said that most musicians had confirmed their availability and he was looking forward to a big occasion. Manyati has previously organised events such as the Mabuja festival. The event is meant to facilitate inclusion of the youth in social activities.

Apart from perfomances by various artists there will also be a sports gala in which several local schools will participate. The event also aims to encourage the youth to utilize their God given talents and contribute towards the development of the country.

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