Ammara Brown to grace the Afrolavida fest.

Ammara Brown seems to be making waves on the international scene of late. The singer has been staging international shows regularly and gaining recognition from all corners of the world.

Ammara will perform at the Afrolavida fest music festival in Cyprus from the 28th to the 30th of June this year. The festival is an annual event that is held to celebrate African culture and diversity. The festival will surely be another milestone achieved by the talented singer.

Ammara will perform alongside artists such as Nigerian Flavour, Jaymaxvi of France and Napoli Olga of Russia. The event will be hosted by South African Faith Nketsi.

Ammara Brown has come a long way in the music industry and continues to wow her fans with good quality music. Her live perfomances are also to die for as she is a renowned dancer. Ammara Brown is no stranger to perfoming on foreign ground as she has staged shows in USA, Malawi South Africa and Zambia in the past.

Ammara Brown is one of the best musicians to come out of Zimbabwe. She has released songs such as Bhachura,Watchu want, Akiliz and Loyal which were all hits. She has collaborated with singers such as ExQ, Chengeto and Tytan.

Ammara is the daughter of the late musician Andy Brown. She clearly got her singing genes from her father whom she started singing with at a tender age.

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