Ammara Brown to make an appearance at Afcon.

Songbird Ammara Brown will grace the Afcon tournamemt with her presence. The football tournament which commences on 21 June in Egypt will see the Zimbabwean team competing for the coveted Afcin trophy.

Ammara Brown will be travelling with her manager to show support for the national team. She is also going with a couple of supporters. Ammara professed her excitement for having to rally behind the Warriors. She stated, “I am not a soccer person,but this time I will go with my flag to support the warriors until l lose my voice. We will be posting every step on social media”.

Ammara Brown has been enhancing her singing career by releasing top notch videos. She has collaborated with various big names such as Mr Eazi of Nigeria. She is also set to perform in Cyprus on the 31st of June alongside Flavor from Nigeria.

Ammara was recently working on a project called Mambokadzi together with Tammy Moyo and Gemma Griffiths. The video is set to be released soon.

The Warriors will make their debut appearance at Afcon in the opening match against the host nation Egypt. They are expected to put on a spirited perfomance and win. Zimbabwe is in Group A together with Egypt,DRC and Uganda.

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