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Bev seduces inmates at Chikurubi.

Controversial adult perfomer Bev Sibanda left prisoners drooling and asking for more after perfoming her raunchy moves at Chikurubi maximum prison recently.

The exotic dancer put on her best act as she wiggled her body and shook her waist to unimaginable heights. Bev had accompanied Sulumani Chimbetu who is the Zimbabwe Prisons and correctional service ambassador to celebrate his 37th birthday behind bars with inmates. it

Most inmates were thrilled to see Bev in action and she lived up to their expectations. Some of them even joined her on stage. Robert Gumbura who is serving a 40 year jail term for rape expressed his excitement at seeing Bev on stage. He stated that she had managed to relieve him of some stress.

However,there has been an uproar over the inclusion of Bev the prison tour and the subsequent sexually charged dances. They said her performance was meaningless in the face of people who were not even allowed conjugal visits. Others alleged that her performance might have led to some inmates sexually abusing other inmates in the absence of conjugal visits by their patners.

Others were however of the view that prisoners also need such kinds of entertainment as they are virtually cut off from the rest of the world.

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