Buffalo souljah mourns the death of Raycee

Zimbabwean singer and director Raycee was left for dead yesterday after being shot in the neck. Buffalo Souljah announced that he was heartbroken at the sudden death of the young artist who he had been working with on the video of the song Summer love.

Buffalo souljah said that Raycee was a cool, kind hearted and talented young man. He said that he had the knack for identifying young talent but it was sadly that humanitarian spirit that led to his demise. Raycee had identified some young dancers in Capetown that he wanted to feature on another upcoming video. He had decided to drop them off in their neighborhood after rehearsals.

Unfortunately someone just appeared from nowhere and shot him in the neck as he was dropping the dancers off. No motive could be established for his murder. Buffalo souljah said that the dancers and the whole neighborhood knew the assailant but we’re simply too scared to speak out. He called on people to assist in investigations.

Buffalo souljah emotionally appealed to people to celebrate life for no one knows the day of reckoning. His message clearly showed that he was hurt and agonizing over the death of his friend and workmate. Raycee was supposed to actually do the video shoot today with the dancers.

Buffao souljah questioned why all the good people die early.

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