Celebrities endorse The Tamy experience.

Sensational musician Tamy Moyo is set to stage her own concert for the first time in her career which will be running under the banner ‘The Tamy experience’. It will be held at a place called The Venue in Avondale on the 6th of June.

The concert will also feature fellow artists Gemma Griffiths and Ammara Brown. Most people are have expressed their growing anxiety over the upcoming concert. Several celebrities also showed their support by endorsing the show and called on people to attend in their numbers. Radio dj Butterphly announced that the show was one not to miss. She also remarked that it is going to be held on the same day as her birthday which makes it so special to her.

ExQ also urged people to support Tamy. He said that the cold weather should not deter people from attending the show as the melodious voices of the trio would definitely warm up those attending.

Tamy Moyo has proved to be one of Zimbabwe’s music gems. She recently released her new video titled ‘Kwandinobva’. The video has been making waves on radio as well as television. She has also released songs such as ‘Lay it down’ and ‘Ndibereke’.

Tamy Moyo performed at the Coke studio early this year
The collaboration with Ammara Brown and Gemma Griffiths will surely be explosive. Fans should brace themselves for a show of a lifetime. Ammara Brown has also done well in music circles with hit songs such as ‘loyal’,’watchu want’ and ‘svoto’ to her name.

Gemma Griffiths is also a local favourite. Her hit song ‘mugarden’ in which she teamed up with zimdancehall artist Winky D has been acclaimed as one the best songs of 2019. It has even received massive international recognition.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the Tamy experince

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