Cindy Munyavi aces Simon Chimbetu performance.

Urban grooves musician Cindy Munyavi showed off her singing prowess by doing a rendition song of Samatenga, a song by the late Sungura artist Simon Chimbetu. Cindy soulfully and heartily sang the song in an altered slow version.

The artist confessed that the song Samtenga was one of her favorites as she was growing up. She said that she would find herself singing the song regularly without even understanding the depth of the lyrics. It was only when she came of age that she began to appreciate the meaning of the song and its hidden message.

The song was initially released by Simon Chimbetu. It was a hit and during his lifetime, the song was always enjoyed at his shows. Simon Chimbetu was renowned for singing meaningful songs that had a huge social bearing. His other songs include Kunjere kunje, Dzandipedza mafuta and Vana naye.

Cindy managed to work her magic and put on a modern spin to the song. Although she sang it in slow, rythmic tones, the remix was received with so much admiration by most people.

Cindy is one of the country’s pioneers of uban grooves music. She has released songs such as Setter pace. She is also a renowned fashion icon and hosts her own fashion television show called Gear up.

Local artists have of late been in the habit of remixing old songs. Musicians like Diana Samukange have also done rendition songs of old songs that they enjoyed in their childhood. This has been hailed as a positive thing with most people saying it aids in the preservation of the music that was released back in the days.

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