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Dj Anusa splashes on new wheels

Dj Anusa of the Bornfree crew fame recently purchased a new 2018 Merc. He posted on his Instagram page the new acquisition and captioned “new bae”. The new set of wheels has caught the attention of many and seems to be the major issue being deliberated on social media platforms.

Dj Anusa rose to fame by singing praise songs for the then president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe. He was part of a group known as the born free crew which also comprised of Bruce Machingura and Pride Mushaire. The group composed and released songs such as Nhaka yedu. Their songs were purely premised on dishing praise to the president. They also sang about unity and reconciliation.

Bornfree crew was also famed for their signature look, sharoly cut mohawk hairstyles. They however stunned many when after the ouster of Robert Mugabe, they swore allegiance to the president of the new republic. They even went on to release a new album called Hazvirambidzwe. Probed on why they were now switching sides Dj Anusa remarked, “We used to sing about (former) president Mugabe when he was in power but as you know we sing about Zanu Pf and it’s leaders not former leaders, so this time it is all about ED because he is now the first secretary and our president”.

Dj Anusa’s latest purchase of the fancy car comes a few weeks after Gokwe Nembudziya legislator bought a Lamborghini. The new wave of luxurious spending in Zinbabwe by prominent figures seems to be on the rise. This is in spite if the fact that most people are cash strapped and struggling to make ends meet.

Dj Anusa however set the record straight and wrote that it was all God’s doing and people were likely to badmouth him.

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