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Enzo ishall teases fans

Zimdancehall artist Enzo ishall recently teased his fans with what appears to be a short clip from the making of a new video. The short clip shows skimpily dressed ladies on horseback. A voice is the heard bellowing for the horses to move.

There has been specualation that the short clip is actually a scene from the making of the video to the song Mutasvi. The song was released early this year and caused a lot of furore due to its sexually charged lyrics. People have been aligning the short clip to the lyrics of the song which say, “Bhiza rinoda Mutasvi”.

Enzo ishall has been under the spotlight for his explicit lyrics. His other song titled 50 magate also led to a myriad of accusations that the singer was badly influencing the youth. He was said to be bringing the music industry into disrepute. The 50 magate video featured Kikky badass doing waht she knows best. She shook her bums so vigorously such that a #50 magate dance challenge was started on social media.

The clip has ignited a lot of excitement amongst Enzo’s followers and most of them have confessed that they can barely wait for the new video as anxiety is keeping them restless.

Enzo ishall is currently on a tour in the U.K. He has been achieving great milestones in his career and was on another Australian tour earlier this year.

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