Fake money syndicate haunts Harare.

A well crafted fake money scam has hit the streets of Harare hard. Fake bond notes are being circulated on the black market amid rising concerns about people losing their foreign currency to such devious schemes.

The exchange rate on the black market is generally higher than at banking institutions and retail shops. People therefore resort to changing their foreign currency on such platforms which is now being met unexpected losses through fake currency. The fake bond notes look legit at face value.

In a recent report, a journalist Theophilus Tshuma went undercover and unearthed the greasly details of how the people involved in the scam operate. They usually stand in shadowy street corners and entice clients by offering a higher exchange rate than the others. They then lure customers and give them fake notes in return for foreign currency.

When the client wakes up to a realization that they have been duped, the scammers will be long gone from their shadowy posts. The issue is really a cause for concern and most cash strapped Zimbabweans have had to part ways with their hard earned foreign currency only to be given fake notes.

Government enbarked on a drive to clear the streets of money changers by arresting them early this year. The exercise was however short lived and the city boys are back again on the streets ,in full force , and terrorising unsuspecting victims.

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