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Father’s day reflections.

Most people celebrated Father’s day on the 16th of June. Whilst for some it was a day to appreciate fathers and their role in the family and society at large, it was also a day to reflect on those women who have had to bear the brunt of taking up a fatherly role to their children.

Fathers are indeed the pillar upon which society rests on. It has become an ardous task for many men to provide for their families in this harsh economic environment. Provision of basic things such as food and education have sadly become a difficult thing for most.

Another issue is that of women who are either in marriages, widowed or single who have had to tackle with the issue of providing for their families. In one Father’s day message at Rhodesville Catholic church, the priest exhorted men to provide for their families as opposed to leaving that duty to their wives. He alleged that even the bible proclaims that a man shall work all the days of his life.

Some people celebrated the day by taking their fathers out for special treats. Those who could afford to buy gifts suprised their fathers with gifts to show their appreciation. Father’s day is internationally celebrated.

Some celebrities took to social media to post messages of love and admiration for their dads. Ruvheneko posted a picture with her father and gushed about him being the best father in the owrld. Similarly Plaxedes Wenyika also reminisced on the old days with her late father and Guspy warrior also expressed his gratitude to his father Mechanic Manyeruke for his support over the years

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