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King 98 dates Nasty C.

Zimbabwean hip hop artist King 98 seems to be making it big in the music industry. He managed to score himself a collaboration with renowned South African rapper Nasty C. The duo has released a video titled Wacko.

The new video makes reference to the moonwalk dance by the late pop star Michael Jackson commonly known as Wacko. The distinction however with this song is that the duo allege to be moonwalking towards money. The song itself has a deep meaning. It speaks of how the two youthful rappers made it big in the industry albeit in the face of adversity and discouragement.

They both highlight how some people had alluded to the fact that they would never succeed. They had proven them wrong and are apparently living large. Both King 98 and Nasty C are still very young but have made a huge impact in the music industry. Their raw talent has seen them being counted amongst some of the best rappers in the two countries.

The collaboration is yet another story of the existing cordial relations between Zimbabwean artists and those from South Africa. Nasty also performed at King 98’s Francesca album launch in April. It was also attended by Nadia Nakai and Davido who gave thrilling perfomances.

The milestones achieved by King 98 are indeed an inspiration to most youths that no matter what one aspires become,they can achieve it if they set their mind on it.

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