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Mai Titi apologises to Madam boss

Social media was abuzz with excitement last week when an altercation between Madam boss and Mai Titi spilled into the public domain. The intense fight raised eyebrows as Mai Titi lashed out at Madam boss and brought out some skeletons in her friend’s closet.

Mai Titi and Madam boss were once the best of friends. Both comedians are doing well in their careers with Madam boss being a brand ambassador for several top companies and Mai Titi also being endorsed by other brands. The duo also opened their own shops. However rumours of gossip between the two led to a public confrontation by Mai Titi.

Mai Titi apologized to Madam boss for the fight and alleged that she missed her friend. She said that she was humbling herself and tendering an apology so as to maintain their friendship. She also said their fight was not good for their brands. The two even did a comic skit together in order to cement their reconciliation.

The long awaited apology came after Madam boss had earlier on apologized to her fans. The two comedians indeed seem to have buried the hatchet and fans are looking forward to new comic skits and entertainment minus any drama

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