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Mutasvi challenge causes commotion.

Enzo ishall thrilled his followers when he released his new video yesterday titled ‘Bhiza rinoda Mutasvi’. The video has been trending online and this has given birth to a #bhiza rinoda mutasvi challenge.

Indeed social media has been awash with homemade videos featuring semi naked girls dancing to the hit song. They have all been trying to outdo the dancing done on the original video. One particular video stood out among the rest such that Enzo dared that if anyone could dance more than the woman in that video he would give them 50USD. In that video the woman vigorously shakes her booty and another interested passerby jumps on top of her bums, uch to the amusement of viewers.

Bhiza rinoda mutasvi was criticized by some for it’s explicit lyrics and the porn like dances show cased by the dancers in the video. Enzo ishall has also been catsigated for his continued released of sexually influenced songs. A few months ago, he came under fire for the release of the video 50 magate which also features kikky badass shaking her bums like she was possessed .

However Chillspot producer Fantan has defended the video saying that they had to come up with a new approach to making videos that fit international standards.

Enzo ishall is renowned for songs such as Kanjiva, 50 magate and Smart rinotangira kutsoka’. His career seems to be on an upward surge as he has been receiving various awards and staging international shows. He was recently in the U.K on a tour. Early this year he was taken on an Australian tour by renowned businessman Ginimbi

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