Outrage over continued fuel price increases

There has been an outpour of complaints with regards to yet another hike in the price of fuel. People expressed shock when fuel prices were increased with petrol fetching at around 5.27 from 4.97. Diesel also went up from around 4.90 to 5.07. This has sparked a wave of insults to the players in the energy ministry.

Most people proffessed annoyance at the continued rise in fuel prices citing that it was being increased occasionally without any corresponding increase in salaries. Others said prices of basic food items will certainly increase because of the hike in fuel prices.

Zimbabweans are battling price increases on a daily basis with even the most basic of goods being sold at exhorbitant prices. This is the third time in a space of 6 months that the price of fuel has gone up. The initial price increase in January sparked violent protests which saw a police station, a toll gate and various shops being destroyed.

Early last month the government announced that it had revoked the exchange rate for procuring fuel which was at 1:1. They said the rate will now be determined by the interbank exchange rate. In light of the exchange rate escalating on a daily basis, fuel has now become of of the most expensive things in the country

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