Riot gear challenge craze hits Zimbabwe.

A recent picture of a riot policeman clad in the new gear purchased by the Zimbabwe Republic Police has caused furore. The heavily layered all black clothing has been under serious scrutiny as people querried the necessity of one having to wear so many protective pieces of fabric.

The image comes at a time when there is speculation that violence might erupt any day in Zimbabwe. Messages of imminent acts of violence have been circulating and appears to be a ticking time bomb. It was alleged that the military and police had purchased new weapons such as grenades last week.

The defence minister however issued a statement last week warning any one planning on protesting violently that the security forces will be on standby to maintain peace and order. She said that violence will not be tolerated.

The picture has fuelled a #riot gear challenge that has seen many people dressing up themselves in black layered clothes to resemble the new riot uniform. As is the norm in the country, even the most serious of issues is reduced into humour.

Popurlar comedian Comic pastor took a dig at the riot policemen and sarcastically said that they were now wearing such expensive uniforms yet they earned a paltry 540 rtgs dollars per month.

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