Sir Wicknell strengthens ties with Zambian president.

Renowned bussinessman Wicknell Chivhayo recently paraded his latest venture as he met with the Zambian president Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Chivhayo immediately bragged about his connections with Zambia. Chivhayo is the managing director of Intratek company which has business interests in both Zinbabwe and Zambia. Chivhayo stated that he felt at home both in Lusaka and Harare and that he had great future plans for renewable energy in Africa. He stated that he vision was to generate more renewable energy in Africa.

Chivhayo also announced that his company had done an immense job in Zambia and established fully funded EPC projects. The mere fact that Chivhayo was able to meet up with the Zambian president clearly indicate his status in the business world.

Chivhayo rounded off his message by dishing out business advice to all aspiring go getters. He said that as a reputable business man he was forced to think creatively and strategically. He encouraged people to emulate that behaviour.

Chivhayo asserted that the key elements to success were being smart, pro active and positive. He also encouraged people to try new things. Chivhayo reiterated the need for people to be mental warriors as opposed to being merely reliant on prayer. He uttered sentiments that indicated his mindset with regards to enemies. He said,” When you make it big they will all hate you..”.

Chivhayo was arraigned before the courts early this year on charges of fraud. He was however acquitted due to lack of evidence.

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