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Stunner clarifies that he has not hit hard times.

Zimbabwean rapper Stunner has set the record straight with regards to allegations that he has hit hard times. Responding to a story that was published in the local paper HMetro recently, that he had actually relocated to his parents ‘ house, Stunner said that was a false statement. He said that he had gone to shoot scenes for his new music videos titled Ghetto Chronicles.

In a radio interview on Power fm, Stunner clarified that he has not hit hard times as alleged by the publication. He said all was well on his end. He had merely gone to Glen Norah where his parents stay in order to shoot his music video.

Stunner said that he had been shocked by what the newspaper had written. He said he owns his own house. However, Stunner also made sentiments that there was nothing wrong in one going back to their childhood home. He said it was simply that it would inconvenience him and his business deals since they are mainly done in town. He would then be prejudiced.

Chamvary also suggested that it was not a bad thing for one to go back to their parents, settle down,put their house in order and then start from there. She said going back to zero was nothing to be ashamed of to which Stunner responded that it was not necessarily going back to zero. He also asserted that they had a very beautiful house in Glen Norah with solar, a durawall and all the works.

Stunner is known for his love of finer things in life. Most people were shocked when they heard that he had relocated to Glen Norah, a far cry from the leafy surburbs that he is known to reside.

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