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Tocky vibes speaks out on song ban.

Musician Tocky vibes has broken the ice and spoken out against a recent ban from radio of his new song African queen. The song was banned from radio by the broadcasting association of Zimbabwe citing that they had received complaints that the song denigrates the people of Binga.

The song speaks about the beauty of African women. Tocky compliments women and says that it is the African woman who makes clothes look beautiful because of their natural beauty that they are endowed with rather than the opposite. He said that even if African women were to walk around naked as is the culture in Binga, they would still look beautiful.

This was taken to e offensive to the people of Binga. Tocky however said that he was shocked at that particular interpretation. He said his song was a celebration of the beauty of women as well as the culture of people in Binga. He stated that he actually admired the people of Binga for preserving their culture unlike the morden African woman who when she hears about the latest fashion from celebrities like Nicki Minaj would rush to buy it.

Tocky said he had been inspired by Jah Prayzah’s song called Dzamutsana which was shot in Binga and also highlighted the culture of the people of Binga. Early this year Tocky vibes was under the crossfire again when he penned down a song reprimanding soldiers for their unruly behaviour after the elections. He was allegedly beaten up by the soldiers together with his pregnant wife.

The song is part of his new album called The villagers money.

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