Top 10 female celebrities with bodies to die for.

There are some celebrities in Zimbabwe whose body shapes always become the subject of conversations about them. Indeed some of them have actually risen to fame solely based on their looks. These are the top ten female celebrities with beautiful bodies.

1 Pokello Nare

The socialite is famous for her well kept body, curvy figure and flawless skin. Pokello has in the past remarked that she rarely goes to the gym and eats whatever she likes. It might however be a case of good genes as the wueen of swagger clearly has a hot sexy body. She also has a strict beauty care regimen that she adheres to.

2 Ammara Brown

Ammara is coloured and her light skin tone compliments her petite body well. She is flexible and looks very youthful and fresh.

3 Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa

The veteran broadcaster is famous for her beauty. She has an infectious smile and a well maintained body earning her the reputation of being one of the most beautiful women in Zimbabwe.

4 Misred

The curvy radio and television personality exudes confidence and has often encouraged plus size women to love their bodies. She has a well built, round figure.

5 Tamy Moyo.

Tamy is just a sweet,youthful princess who manages to keep her body in shape. The Kwandinobva hitmaker is one pretty damsel.

6 Kikky badass

The dancer is one of the most sought after women in Zinbabwe. Her appealing body shape and well crafted bum has always been her best asset.

7 Madam boss

Madam boss has a beautiful shapely body. She also has a beautiful face and clear skin tone.

8 Ninja lipsy

The zimdancehall singer maintains her body well. Her petite frame and cute face definitely deserve recognition as one of the best faces in Zinbabwe.

9 Cindy Munyavi

Cindy also manages to maintain herself well. She also compliments her looks with good quality clothes.

10 Olinda Chapel

Olinda is just one beautiful and curvy woman. She has perfect skin.

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