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Top 5 celebrities who love to flaunt their adorable kids.

A child is one of life’s greatest gifts. It is indeed a true blessing to have your own brood. Children have been known to bring unconditional love and joy in this world. Here is a list of celebrities who seem not to get enough of their cute babies and always show the rest of the world the impaxt that their little ones have in their lives.


Tytan and Olinda recently welcomed their daughter Nandi Amari Tadiwa. Although the baby can barely sit, she has been paraded like the princess that she is. Tytan occasionally posts images of himself bonding with little Amari. Olinda also regularly posts updates on the baby’s growth. Little Amari is one spoiled little princess with a wadrobe that could put A list Hollywood stars to shame. She also has her own Instagram account.

2 Pokello

Pokello has two sons whom she adores. She has always professed the bond that exists between herself and her boys. She recently posted images of herself and her boys as they were celebrating her older son’s birthday, Nathan. Pokello occasionally posts pictures of her adorable kids and is one hot mummy.

3 Fantan

The Chillspot founder and producer is in love with his daughter who was born early this year. Both father and daughter have striking similarities. Fantan always poses with his daughter and often drools over her beauty. He once remarked that no one can love a daughter more than her father.

4 Freeman

Zimdancehall chanter Freeman has two boys with the youngest one, Quinton, having been delivered recently. He usually posts inspirational messages for his boys such as encouraging them to work hard in life and not to repeat the mistakes that he has made in his own life.

5 Tocky vibes

Tocky vibes welcomed a baby boy a few months ago. He was on cloud nine and could not hide his excitement at the arrival of his first baby. He even wrote an emotional message for his son and told him that he was going to change the world. There was controvesy when Tocky decided to call his son Chamakuvangu after his last album. Nurses however refused to endorse that name on the baby card and he ended up naming him Obey Jnr

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