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Top 5 public figures who never seem to age.

Living your life in the public domain makes one’s lifestyle subject to scrutiny. Issues of dressing, diet, mental well being and family are generally exposed for all to see. Today we highlight some of the public figures who never seem to grow. They are certainly maintaining their mental and physical well being there appearing ageless.

1 Sani Makhalima

The urban grooves crooner looks not a day older than when he first made his singing debut. He actually looks as if he is aging backwards. Sani Makhalima was born in 1985 making him 34 years of age. He could however easily pass off as someone in their early 20s.

2 Emmanuel Makandiwa

The man of cloth is rumoured to be around 41 years of age. His youthful facial features and lean body however places him in the category of 30 year olds making him look ten years younger than his actually age.

3 Ruvheneko

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa was born in 1988. She however looks so fresh and young. Her innocent looking face and beautiful smile have clearly given her an added advantage in terms of looking young.

4 Nelson Chamisa

The leader of the opposition party MDC looks quite young in spite of his 41 year old age. He has a youthful looking face and high school boy naughty smile. His charming personality also makes him appear younger than his age.

5 Pokello Nare

Pokello certainly knows how to keep up appearances. She has often stated that she takes bathing seriously. This is evidenced by her well maintained body and healthy glow that makes her look younger than her actual age. She is only aged 34 but her hot body and flawless skin could put 20 year olds to shame. She does not even look like someone who has given birth twice

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