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Top 5 sexiest radio voices in Zimbabwe.

Radio plays an important role in people’s lives. It is mainly used as a medium of communication from one end to the other. It is also used for entertainment purposes. There are certain voices that leave many with goosebumps and tickle the deepest of fancies. Here are the top 5 sexiest voices currently dominating on the airwaves in Zimbabwe.

1 Buttler Nhepure

Buttler rose to fame on Sfm with his deep sexy voice. His fluency and smooth flow when talking made him an instant favorite radio personality for many. His voice could also be heard deeply bellowing in television commercials.

2 Misred

Misred is mostly known for her drive time show on Zifm stereo. She has a sensual and appealing voice that would make any listener pay here to her words and surrender all their attention to her. Misred also presents the television show Coke on the beat. Misred has hosted international events such as the Mtv Africa Music Awards proving that she is a force to reckon in terms of broadcasting.


Dj Mox, commonly reffered to as moxinator is a hit with the ladies because of his voice. He is stationed at Power fm and became a household name due to his show called the Crossover. He is clearly talented and has often reffered to his background as the source of his successful radio career. In an interview in 2016 he once remarked,” I fell in love with public speaking when I was about 15 years old so I joined the debate club at school. I actually won a few debate competitions”. He once did voice overs for Kingdom bank.

4 Dj Chilli

Dj Chilli is the epitome of success when it comes to radio shows. She has a huge following on radio at Power fm. She is essentially the nation’s radio darling. She also has 2 NAMA awards to her name. Dj Chilli is fluent and her sexy voice resonates so much passion and love for her job.


KVG has a sweet melodious voice that beckons innocence. She is comonly known for her show called 326 express which she hosts together with Phathisani. The self confessed Zimdancehall lover has so much candour and an adorable voice that you could listen to day and night.

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