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Top 5 slender bodied women in Zim.

The trend nowadays is that of men admiring slender bodied women. Indeed gone are the days when being heavy and full was considered real femininity. Thin woken have of late started to embrace their figures. Here are some of the beautiful slender bodied women in Zimbabwe.

1 Chiedza Mukucha

The long legged model continues to melt the hearts of many on the catwalk. She has always been slender. Her svelte figure has promoted her to win the 2012 GTel face of Zimbabwe among other accolades. She was once complimented by US based singer as, “Chiedza is one of those stand out models who commands presence by her looks without even trying too hard”.

2. Patience Musa

The radio and television personality never seems to change with age. Patience has mangaed to maintain her gracefully thin figure over the years. She certainly is one of the most covered women in both television and radio.

3 Tinopona Katsande

Tinopona is beautiful,tall and slender. Her long legs and gracefully neck have earned her the reputation of being among some of the finest women in the country.


The self confessed lover of zimdancehall music is also petite and thin. Her pretty and dainty appearance compliments her well and with the addition of a beautiful voice, the radio host is a force to reckon.

5 Anne Nhira

Anne mesmerized viewers on the popurlar television soapie Studio 263. She has not changed an inch since then. Anne clearly maintains her body and often posts beautiful pictures of herself.

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