Top 5 tips to keep kids warm this winter.

With the arrival of the winter season, cold weather hasneen making its presence felt. Most people have unfortunately been battling colds and flues. It is imperative that parents keep their little ones warm and cosy during the cold winter months.

1 Prepare warm food

Children must eat warm hearty meals to ensure that they get enough warmth from within. This is certainly not the time to be giving kids icecream or cold food but rather serve warm soups and tea.

2 Dress them accordingly.

Little kids should have a specific winter dress code. This includes dressing them up in layers with warm thermal fabrics. This also includes footwear and children must put on socks and warm shoes at all times.

3 Let them spend more time indoors.

It is also prudent that kids spend as little time as possible outdoors. The cold air is not good for them. Parents should monitor outdoor playtime.

4 Make sure you have a cold survival kit

This is a combination of all essential items in cases of emergency. It includes throat lozenges, soft tissues, soft skin care products like Vaseline,honey and hand sanitizer.

5 Invest in blankets.

Another common phenomenon this winter are cold nights. Parents must endevour to provide many blankets this winter. This also involved the use of warm winter sheets and at times hot water bottles provided that are tightly screwed on. Others even go to the extremes of buying electrical blankets

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