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Tytan and Kazz seduce the ladies.

Musicians Tytan and Kazz who are both based in the U.K have left the ladies weak on the knees by a short teaser of their upcoming video called Chimoko. The duo has been shooting scenes for the new video.

The song itself was released a few weeks ago. It is a celebration of the beauty of African women and other women globally. The lyrics to the song are filled with love notes and full of praises for beautiful women all over.

Tytan recently posted a short clip of himself and Kazz singing along to the song. Judgeing by the way the two were having so much fun, the video promises to be explosive. The romantic theme encompassed in the song has been a hit with the ladies. The song has already gained popularity moreso among female fans.

Tytan recently released another romance filled video called Pamha a few weeks ago. The video to the song has wowed audiences across the globe. It features a steamy bathroom scene with Tytan and a woman in the bathtub filled with foam and eating fruit and wine.

If the new offering is anything as the Pamha video then ladies are in for the treat of there lifetime. Chimoko literally means a beautiful girl in Shona slang. Tytan has previously worked with artists such as Ammara Brown. He has released songs such as Ndipe moyo and Ndichakubata bho.

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