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Vimbai Zimuto entices fans with another nude pic.

Controversial artist Vimbai Zimuto managed to get the appetites of her fans once again by posting another nude picture. The image shows Vimbai naked and on all fours in the sand.

The image comes at a time when Vimbai is currently wrapping up preparations for her upcoming art exhibition. Most people have taken it as a teaser to the imminent show. Vimbai has in the past posted a string of naked pictures of herself. The images caused furore but this did not deter the Netherlands based singer from posting others. She said it was her way of emulating her ancestors who used to walk around naked without a care in the world.

Vimbai has however set the record straight that her upcoming art exhibition is not about nudity. She said it embraced comedy,poetry and pictures. The exhibition is titled ‘Vimbaitude Photographic exhibition’. It will be running under the theme ‘Bold African lioness’. The exhibition will be held in Avondale on 27 June.

Vimbai expressed that she was not just a singer but was in fact endowed with many talents. She said,” I am a diverse artist. I am a musician,model,dancer,choreographer,writer,actress and film director by profession. I have been limiting my potential for too long due to fear of the unknown…” She also stated that the exhibition was a platform for people to see the real Vimbai. She added that it was also meant to remove judgemental views about black women’s skin,body structure and beauty.

Vimbai has often said that she does not need to defend her nudity as it is something that was done in ancient times by her own people.

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