Wadyajena breaks silence on Lamborghini.

Gokwe Nembudziya legislator Justin Mayor Wadyajena finally broke the ice on his latest acquisition of a Lamborghini urus estimated to be valued at over 250 000 US dollars.

The car has caused sparked a lot of controvesy with most people lambasting the legislator for splashing out on expensive cars whilst people in his constituency were languishing in poverty. Others questioned where he had acquired the foreign currency to buy the car when the nation was suffering from an acute shortage of foreign currency. Indeed social media was awash with comments about the legislator allegedly swindling money meant for rehabilitation of the country.

Wadyajena stated that he had acquired the Lamborghini legitimately through his own means. He said,”I became a milli in my early 20s, that yellow super machine is hard earned,legitimately too”. Wadyajena is said to have various businesses within Zimbabwe.

Although a few people applauded the legislator for his lavish spending on the car, the general consensus was that it was not appropriate for the legislator to live so luxuriously when his own constituency was lagging behind in terms of development.

Fellow parliamentarian and Norton legislator Temba Mliswa also took a dig at Wadyajena for his car. He said that he was going to start implementing a feeding scheme in his own constituency to assist hungry children. He stated, “Meanwhile in Gokwe Nembudziya….I’ll just leave there with the announcement that I’ll be soon introducing a mahewu supplementary meal scheme for school children…”

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