Whiz kid appeals for help.

The story of Ranganai Zhakata has left most people questioning themselves over what they can offer for one to achieve his dreams.

He obtained 15 points at A level but has failed to enroll at the University of Zimbabwe where he was offered a degree program. Ranganai is from Murewa, Kambarami village and his guardians are not in a financial position to send him to college. He is currently selling newspapers at the Murewa bus terminus, a far cry from his intended educational plans.

His story touched the hearts of many people. That such a bright young lad could not further his studies due to financial constraints. People mobilised themselves and managed to raise around 4000 rtgs dollars. Others pledged a laptop and some money for clothes.

Ranganai was doing Geography, Pure Maths and Crop Science which he passed with flying colors. He had previously obtained 8 subjects for his O level results. The intervention by some good Samaritans will see the young man pursuing his educational dreams and going to college. However, there still needs some more donations to ensure that he finishes his degree program.

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