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Buffalo souljah crowned king of dancehall in Africa.

Zimbawran dancehall musician Buffalo souljah has just put haters to shame after being endorsed as the king of dancehall in Africa. The artist was embroiled in a heated argument with Ghanaian dancehall singer Shatta Wale. The fight had turned ugly after Buffalo Souljah questioned Shatta Wale where he had found the authority to crown himself as the king of dancehall in Africa.

The two had publicly declared their enemity. They even went further in composing diss songs for each other. Most Zimbabweans had rallied behind Buffalo Souljah but some had disowned him. Stunner had declared that Shatta Wale would emerge the ultimate winner in the fight. Others, however like Fanta had professed their support for their fellow country man.

Buffalo Souljah had stated that Shatta Wale had poor lyric writing skills. He mimicked some of his songs and said that lyrics such as that he was a s soft as a condom were just weak. He had however, called on the people of Zimbabwe to rally behind their own. After a fiercly contested voting platform Buffalo Souljah emerged the winner. The result was announced by Ghanaian best dancehall selector Hitz210.

Buffalo Souljah said that he was saddened by lack of patriotism in Zimbabwe as opposed to Ghana. He said all that Shatta Wake had to do was to cough and his fans would endorse him as the best singer. He further asserted that if Dynamos and Highlanders were playing against each other then people could be divided, but if it was the national team playing against another country then people ought to support in unison. He said, “Don’t let your self hate blind your focus”. Buffalo called on people to unite and support each other.

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