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Buffalo Souljah gloats after claiming throne.

Zimbabwean dancehall singer Buffalo Souljah seems not to be holding back his horses in taunting fellow dancehall singer from Ghana Shatta Wale. The two had been involved in a messy public fight over who the king of dancehall in Africa was between them.

The root cause of the bitter war was the proclamation by Shatta Wale that he was the king of dancehall music in Africa to which Buffalo Souljah querried. They had then started dissing each other and even composed diss songs against each other. It was only after viewers were asked to vote for who they thought was better between the two, that Buffalo Souljah emerged victorious.

He could not contain himself and spent the greater part of yesterday rubbing it Shatta Wale’s face. As if that was not enough, he then released some visuals for his diss song. Clad in black pants, Buffalo Souljah is seen holding Shatta Wale’s head in one hand and a hack saw in the other. This was meant to symbolize the demise of Shatta Wale as the king of dancehall in Africa.

Buffalo’s endorsement as the reigning dancehall champ indicates the influence that the Zimbabwean star has on the global scale. Although some of his fellow artists such as Stunner had shown support in favour of Shatta Wale and announced that he would be shattered to pieces by his Ghanaian competition, Buffalo proved them wrong. Shatta Wale is regarded as fierce competition in musical circles but was reduced to a mere name by Buffalo.

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