Former NSSA boss’ wife shows off million dollar house.

Former NSSA boss Robin Vela who was sacked last year on allegations of grossly mismanaging funds at the giant organization. He was the chairman of NSSA but was relieved of his duties after a foresic audit report unearthed shocking and gory details about transactions at the organization.

He has made headlines once again , this time at the instigation of his wife Gaudencia Vela. She posted some pictures of a house which she claimed belonged to them in London. She had posted the picture in a local Facebook group called “Kurongedza, kushongedza nekuchenesa dzimba”. Upon investigations it was discovered that the house was actually worth over 1.3 million pounds.

Within days the post had found itself on the mainstream online platforms such as Twitter. This sparked outrage with most people lashing out at the former NSSA chairman for allegedly using pensioners money to build an expensive home in the U.K

There have been much noise about the dealings and management of funds at NSSA. The current minister f Labour and social welfare Sekai Nzenza has been assuring citizens that all those involved in the mismanagement of funds will be brought to task. Former minister of Labour and social welfare Prisca Mupfumira was arrested last week on allegations involving US 95 million dollars that was mismanaged at the organization. She is currently in custody.

It is alleged that the top brass at NSSA were awarding themselves with hefty salaries and allowances at the expense of pensioners. The Vela’s have however distanced themselves from the Facebook post much to the irritaion of most people.

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