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Frya waves her inspirational wand at the young at heart

Zimbabwean musician Frya, who is based in South Africa, recently ignited excitement amongst young peers as she toured the streets of Harare. The singer is currently in the country. She was indeed a sight for sore eyes as she hugged little kids who had surrounded her and clammering for her attention.

Some of the kids could be heard shouting, “tine murungu” making reference to her classy and glamourous look. The youthful singer later on write in her Instagram account,” I promise not to give up. The kids from where I come from need to know it can be done”.

Frya is the epitome of success and inspires a lot of young minds. Her portfolio is admirable and the milestones that she has achieved at such a tender age are commendable. She recently perfomed her latest song Roses on SABC 3 show WTF Tumi. Frya has done soundtracks for popurlar Sabc shows including Lockdown season 4 and Side dish.

Frya is one of the country’s leading pioneers of young musical talent. Her musical abilities are beyond normal comprehension. It is up to the next generation of young minds to emulate such bold initiatives by the singer of spreading one’s wings far and reaching for the global stars.

This is not the first time that local singers that are based outside the country have instilled hope within the local community. Afro soul singer Berita was recently in the country and staged a frees how at the Bulawayo art gallery. She said it was one way of giving hope to people whose lives were riddled with the current economic meltdown.

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