Hon Themba Mliswa on vacation in Ghana, takes a dig at minister S.B Moyo

Norton legislator Hon Themba Mliswa has started with his antics again after taking a dig at minister S .B Moyo whilst in vacation in Ghana.

Mliswa was recorded taking a jog near the ocean. He said that he was merely keeping fit as usual. He is currently enjoying himself in Ghana with parliament having adjourned. Mliswa’s seemingly innocent video then revealed his true colors after he uttered the sentiments that others were being attacked in other countries.

People were quick to join the dots and wake up to a realization that he was actually refferung to Foreign affairs and international tourism minister SB Moyo, who was attacked last week by an angry Zimbabwean mob in the U.K. He was assaulted soon after stepping out of Chatham house for a meeting with British investors and officials.

The minister, who had gone there to try and woo investors and boost invest confidence in Zimbabwe, was left gasping for air after some Zim protestors lay in wait for him outside the building, grabbed him and poured water on him.

Mliswa’s utterance comes at a time when the nation had been mistakenly convinced that he had seen Damascus and stopped his habit of poking other government officials. Mliswa has always been at the centre of controvesy for raising issues against fellow legislators and ministers. He once had a physical confrontation with a fellow legislator, Hon D Nduna in parliament and accused him of swindling money from the mining sector. He also accused the ZIFA board of gross mismanagement of funds. When fellow legislator Hon M Wadyajena bought a Lamborghini this year, Mliswa was quick to point out that the legislator was selfish and that his constituency was suffering.

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